iCal4OL is a program for smart importing with sync, exporting and subscribing (as Remote Calendars) ICAL files (*.ics) and feeds in Outlook.

A perfect 2-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar, DAViCAL, Darwin Calendar Server, eGroupware, Chandler Cosmo and WebCalendar 1.05 is integrated!

Contact Sync with Gmail & eGroupware, and Contact Import/Export as VCARD & LDIF is integrated, too.

Various options cover the needs of exchanging and
synchronizing events and tasks in the iCalendar format with different applications & installations, eg. iCAL (Apple / mac.com), Sunbird, KOrganizer, Lotus Notes or Websolutions such as Webcalendar, Google Calendar, DAViCal, eGroupware, iPhpCalendar, Cosmo, Horde and Darwin Calendar Server.

Product Images

Software Specifications

Addin Version: 2.7.3
Product URL: http://ical.gutentag.ch/index.html...
Company URL: http://ical.gutentag.ch...
Support URL: http://ical.gutentag.ch/support.htm...


Cost: $20.00
MultiUser Licenses? No
Trial? Yes

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Outlook Version(s): Microsoft Outlook 2000 SP3
Microsoft Outlook 2002 SP3
Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP2
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Hard Drive Space: 0 (MB)
Memory: 0 (MB)
iCal4OL is an addin for Microsoft Outlook. Addins are sometimes referred to as Plugins. The Outlook Utilities along with the Leprechaun Works, LLC makes no warranties or guarantees as to the product capabilities or the information describing said product.

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