MySpace for Outlook, Outlook addin

Built on top of the new Microsoft Outlook Social Connector.

MySpace for Outlook allows you to see your MySpace friend status and activity updates right inside Outlook, without having to log in to MySpace in a browser. MySpace for Outlook also creates a new Contacts page with all of your MySpace friends. The activity updates can be seen every time a friend’s email is selected, or when you open the MySpace Contacts page and open a contact in Outlook. From the MySpace Contacts page, you can email your MySpace friends directly from Outlook. Email sent to their MySpace Mail address will show up in their MySpace Mail account on MySpace. Hyperlinks in the activity updates allow you to quickly jump to see the activities, such as posting a new picture, recording a new video, recording a new song, or making a new friend, all with a simple click.

MySpace inside of Outlook:

  • Uses Microsoft’s Social Connector to add the “People Pane,” which shows a profile picture and other MySpace info for each contact who’s also a friend
  • Creates a special MySpace Contact List
  • Shows your friends’ status updates and other Stream activities
  • Provides one-click access to your friends’ profiles
  • Enables you to easily email your friends

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Software Specifications

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Cost: $0.00
MultiUser Licenses? No
Trial? Yes

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:
Outlook Version(s): Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Hard Drive Space: 0 (MB)
Memory: 0 (MB)
MySpace for Outlook, Outlook addin is an addin for Microsoft Outlook. Addins are sometimes referred to as Plugins. The Outlook Utilities along with the Leprechaun Works, LLC makes no warranties or guarantees as to the product capabilities or the information describing said product.

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